Apiker Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

Imagine waking up naturally as the sun rises and falling asleep as the sun sets, you will feel more refreshed to enjoy a new day. This wake-up light not only wakes you up more naturally, but also energizes you in the morning. Stylish design that suits your home decoration anywhere.

Main Features
Sunrise simulation and natural sounds will wake you up gently
Sunset simulation will make you relaxed and fall asleep naturally
Snooze function allows you another 5 minutes to sleep
11 levels of warm light brightness as a bedside lamp
6 light colors or set it on a color rotation mode
6 natural sounds or FM radio can be set as an alarm sound
Sensitive Touch Control & reasonable key layout

Multipurpose Light for different occasions
Light therapy wake-up light: Simulate the sunrise and sunset will make you feel connected with nature and feel refreshed.
Bedside lamp: with 11 brightness levels in warm light for non-harmful reading.
Atmosphere lamp: Color rotation mode or settle with your favorite color to create romantic atmosphere at special events.

Sunset Fading Simulation
Choose the sunset duration (15/30/60 Minutes), the warm light will gradually fade away to ease your mind and fall asleep naturally.

LED time display in 12H and 24H format
FM Radio with antenna built-in
Power supply: 5V power adapter
Materials: ABS plastic body with aluminum stand
Dimensions: 6.7*6.7*1.88 inches
Weight: 370g

Package included
1 x Wake Up Light
1 x USB Cable
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual